Whether you are looking for new upholstery and carpets or need a fully custom interior we are your answer.

Concourse/Stock Interiors


Custom Interior






With some of the best auto body talent around we routinely work on all makes of cars. One of the keys to an award winning paint job is excellent body work. Whether extensive straightening, metal replacement, or just simple finishing is required we have the expertise to make it happen. Our equipment like our Spot Welder is state of the art and provides the highest quality factory style welds you can achieve.





Whether you are looking for that single stage orange peal look for a Concourse car or a paint job that is very deep, our painting abilities are second to none. We pride ourselves in producing award winning paint jobs on a routine basis. Using the highest quality BASF paints, helps ensure the job is done right the first time. 





Upon customer request, we can install crate engines or professionally restore your engine to exacting performance standards OR we can really make it run with custom parts.






DriveTrain - Undercarriage - Suspension

Upon customer request, all drivetrain, suspension, and undercarriage components are restored to original or more than original performance standards.